Retrieve Live Menu List By Channel ID

Retrieves main menus and their nested sub-menus on your site, by channel ID.

Along with the channel ID, you may optionally specify the nodeId or the parentId as query parameters to narrow down the search results.


GET https://{baseurl}/api-xpm/v2/menu/live/


Content-Type : application/json

x-site-context : { "date": "2020-08-28T02:35:27.787Z", "channel": 12, "account": 5f493c9f30ec2a0007a94fc8", "stage": "sandbox" }


Type : query

Name : The channel ID.

Required: true

Type : query

Name : The nodeId (an optional parameter to specify the root of the subtree) or the parentId (an optional parameter to specify the parent node of the one or more subtree.)

Required: false

GET https://{baseurl}/api-xpm/v2/menu/live/?channelId=12&nodeId=60dce82e3b5d307719fb0522

Response Code: 200

Message: OK

Description: You will see this message when the menus and the nested sub-menus are successfully retrieved.

"query": {
"channelId": "12",
"nodeId": "60dce82e3b5d307719fb0522"
"menu": [
"url": "/",
"name": "123",
"order": 0,
"nodeId": "60dce82e3b5d307719fb0522",
"parentId": "60dce8213b5d307719fb0521"

Change Log

  • Jun - 2021 (multichannel features)