Retrieve SKUs For A Category


GET https://{baseurl}/api-category/v1/category/sku?id={cartegory ID}&page=1&size=10

Retrieves a paginated list of SKUs, by category ID.


Content-Type : application/json

x-site-context : { "date": "2020-08-28T02:35:27.787Z", "channel": 12, "account": 5f493c9f30ec2a0007a94fc8", "stage": "sandbox" }


Type : query

Name : The category ID to retrieve the SKUs.

Required: true

Type : query

Name : The page and size number for a focused search results.

Required: true

Sample Request

GET https://{baseurl}/api-category/v1/category/sku?id=60c6960647ab5100080d765d&page=1&size=10

Sample Response

Response Code: 200

Message: OK

Description: You will see this paginated response when the SKUs are successfully retrieved for the specified category ID.

"totalSize": 5,
"pageSize": 5,
"pages": 1,
"skus": [

Change Log

  • June - 2021 First Updated