Delete Payment


GET https://{baseurl}/api-payment/cart/{cartId}/payment/{paymentId}

Enables you to delete the payment added to the cart, by cart ID and .


Content-Type : application/json

x-site-context : { "date": "2020-08-28T02:35:27.787Z", "channel": 12, "account": 5f493c9f30ec2a0007a94fc8", "stage": "sandbox" }


Type : path

Name : The 24 character cart ID (from the Add Items to Cart or Retrieve Cart by userAuthToken API) and the payment ID.

Required: true

Sample Request

GET https://{baseurl}/api-payment/cart/6101f13956bfd30008b1a33e/payment/6101f1b9b308be0009519f78


Response Code: 200

Message: OK

Description: You'll see this message when the cart details are successfully retrieved.

"_id": "6101f1b9b308be0009519f78",
"paymentDetails": {
"transactionDetails": {
"paymentType": "CARD_STRIPE",
"paymentToken": "pi_1JIMoIJxr7zyIFb9WymZbwir"
"paymentStatus": {
"cardHolderFullName": "First Last",
"paymentMethod": "visa",
"last4": "4242",
"amountCapturable": 1450500,
"status": "succeeded"
"amount": 14505,
"currency": "USD"
"billToAddress": {
"name": {
"first": "John",
"last": "Smith"
"phone": {
"number": "07780811973",
"kind": "mobile"
"email": "[email protected]",
"street1": "600 Congress Ave",
"street2": "suite 219",
"city": "Austin",
"state": "Tx",
"country": "US",
"zipCode": "10033"
"version": 0,
"isValid": false,
"cartId": "6101f13956bfd30008b1a33e",
"createdAt": "2021-07-29T00:09:29.905Z",
"updatedAt": "2021-07-29T17:46:45.258Z",
"__v": 0

Error Code: 404

Message: Not found

Description: You will see this error when the specified ship-to ID doesn't exist in the system.

"code": "CART_NOT_FOUND",
"message": "Cart not found."

Error Code: 500

Message: Internal Server Eror

Description: You will see this error when the account number is incorrect in the x-site-context (for a multi-tenent client).

Change Log

  • June - 2021 First updated