About Cart APIs
Please see our new documentation for Cart here
According to data from US Census Bureau, online sales are growing between 15% to 17% per year in comparison to the overall retail industry, which is growing at 5%. Globally, this trend is higher. A shopping cart is a crucial point in your customer's purchase journey and maintains an organized record of items shopped.
Fabric’s Cart resource helps your customers make informed purchase decisions and enables you to measure results through tracking and monitoring sales, coupon usage, product popularity vs. availability, etc., in an organized and secured way. At any point before the billing, customers have the flexibility to add, modify, or delete their digital cart, add promotional code to their existing cart, and specify the shipping and billing details.
Since, the cart is linked to an inventory, you can easily keep stock of the frequently/infrequently purchased items. Using these data, you may run campaigns and offer promotional codes on select days and/or items. In addition, we support a hassle-free payment support by accepting a variety of payment methods. The Cart APIs facilitate an unparalleled digital shopping experience for your customers through the following functional capabilities, and they are easily integrated with third-party systems:
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